This Chakra workshop is like no other! You will not only learn the basics of each of chakra, but you will learn about YOUR Chakra's personally with content that includes the following for each of the seven main chakras:
  • Key Elements Quick Guide
  • Chakra Activation Activities
  • Determining the State of Your Chakras
  • Chakra Self-Check Assessment
  • Self-Check Results & Reflections
  • Chakra Affects OF the Physical Body
  • Holistic Healing: Crystals & Oils
  • Chakra Mantras & Mudras
  • Guided Audio Meditation
  • Chakra Specific Yoga Class
  • Journal Prompts
The course is developed with short, chunked materials (called micro-learning) that get straight to the point and make the content easy to remember.

Hi, I’m Dr. Aprile Atwater, owner and creator of YOMEI - Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence.

I believe in whole-body wellness and energetic health. The Chakra's are an important part of this. After hosting several sound bath events focused on chakra balancing, I realized many people did not know the meaning and importance of each chakra. This workshop intends to do just that in a personalized way. Get to know YOUR chakra's as you learn about each of the seven major energy channels. I hope you enjoy the workshop and content!

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